Preparations known as “Mārītes Zālītes” are based on special formulae developed by Mārīte Merga, herbalist and expert in drugs and alternative medicine, for the production of salves, ointments and tinctures.



About Mārīte Merga:


Mārīte Merga is a herbalist, Jun Juan Cigun instructor of the 1st degree and an image therapist who applies her combined knowledge of homeo-therapy, alternative medicine, Ericson hypnosis, somatic psychology, NLP, classic Buddhism, image therapy and Cigun to teach her patients how to organize their body and energy, restore the harmony of organs and biologically active points.

She is a Jun Juan Cigun instructor of the 1st degree (cert. No 102379) since 2008, and her certificate of instructor has been issued by Grandmaster Xu Ming Tang in Shaolin, China.

Received training as Image therapist (cert. No Y2012015) from Kundawelli Institute of Medicine in Beijing, China, in 2012.



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